Career fulfillment as a hotelier for your business minded high school student…Despite Covid19
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Career fulfillment as a hotelier for your business minded high school student…Despite Covid19

Career fulfillment as a hotelier for your business minded high school student…Despite Covid19

Something that our industry-practiced Work Integrated Learning and Careers Team at The Hotel School Australia meaningfully connect with when we’re working with our hotel management students is the idea of creating fulfillment….”The feeling of being happy and satisfied, especially in work. Doing interesting things and using all gifted strengths and qualities.”

Note to High School Careers Advisors: For your students that have a ‘Spirit to Serve’ and a high degree of ‘Business Savvy’, a career in the Hotel Industry may be the ticket to creating their sense of fulfilment.

I myself recall, when as a Year 12 student back in the year 2000, I was contemplating my own future career path – exploring how I could incorporate working with people in a service-oriented way with my love for business studies. This led me to enrolling into a Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management at The Hotel School, which launched me into a fruitful 20+ year career working in Luxury Hotels, and today, guiding our next generation of Hoteliers in building their industry foundations with their own education at The Hotel School Australia.

There is an expansiveness to a career in Hotels – global work opportunities, diverse and accessible career pathways for those with a wide scope of interests in business, and limitless opportunity for connection with people, culture, community, language, custom and personality. 

And whilst this sentiment certainly is enriching, yes, the reality is…

COVID-19 put a PAUSE on the Hotel Industry…. BUT, development and strategic investment suggests we’re getting ready to PLAY again.

According to the Colliers 2022 Hotels Investment Review, hotel investors expect domestic tourism to return to positive figures in the third quarter of 2022, with overall growth anticipated in 2023. This confidence shows when considering the 2022 forecasted openings of hotels in Australia: The Ritz-Carlton Melbourne, The Langham Gold Coast, W Sydney, Capella Sydney, and the Queen’s Wharf development in Brisbane.

Also, with Australia reopening to all fully vaccinated tourists, business travellers, and other visitors from 21 February, the tourism and hospitality industry is already planning, hiring and preparing for reopening. In 2018-19, tourism generated more than $60 billion for the Australian economy, with more than 660,000 jobs dependent on the industry. Needless to say, there’s significant opportunity for employment in hotels at the moment and the future is looking rosy again!

Finally, consider the large hotel companies: Marriott International, Accor and IHG – working strategically with new employee engagement programs supporting work/life balance and career development – actively investing in people, to attract and retain top talent. They’re creating solid grounds for career growth for new students. 

So, for your service-oriented and business savvy High Schoolers that identify as ‘Explorers’ (of people, places and business practices) consider the merits of a career in Hotels and a study pathway at The Hotel School Australia….as someone that has taken this path myself – I could not recommend a more fulfilling choice!

Esther Starc

Manager, Work Integrated Learning

The Hotel School Australia 

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