Why Holiday Resorts Prefer to Hire Candidates Who Have Completed a Hospitality Course
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Why Holiday Resorts Prefer to Hire Candidates Who Have Completed a Hospitality Course

Why Holiday Resorts Prefer to Hire Candidates Who Have Completed a Hospitality Course


There is the false belief that one can acquire a high paying job within a holiday resort without a degree. While this might ring true for some small resorts, working at a prestigious holiday resort generally requires you to have at least completed a hospitality course.

The reasons for this may vary but is usually for the following five factors:

Shows Dedication

A diploma or degree holder in Hospitality will demonstrate to the hiring resort that they are truly passionate about the work, It differentiates such candidates from those who have not made the effort to show their dedication to work in the industry.

When you have a diploma or degree, it shows that you were willing to put in the extra time, effort and investment, into getting a more thorough understanding of the industry so can truly reach your full potential.

A future employer will look at your qualifications to also see if you are serious about the work, or might cause them problems with your lack of understanding of what it takes to perform to a high standard.

Experience and Training

The Hospitality industry is rapidly growing; however, recent studies show that there isn’t a sufficient supply of skilled staff to fill new vacancies. Enrolling in in a Hospitality course will give you an edge over other candidates in securing the job, especially if your dream job is a management position.

Most Hospitality courses come with the training of the necessary skills that one will need in the industry, and if one is studying for a bachelor or master’s degree, very often internships and on-the-job training is included in the curriculum. This is important, as employers prefer to reserve management and management-training positions for those who have been college-educated. If one already has training and experience, it means climbing up the virtual ladder to success might be much faster for someone with no experience.

Educational Requirements

Positions at the management and supervisory level in the hospitality industry typically require a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality or Hotel Management. This is because these courses typically include a wide range of topics such as administration, economics, electronic reservation systems, marketing, accounting, housekeeping, food and beverage management, and maintenance.

Students who have completed such courses have a greater understanding of the inner operations of a hotel and are trained in problem-solving when it comes to running a hotel.

College Recommendations  

Once a holiday resort has made the decision to hire more staff, there comes the difficult period of whom to employ from the vast majority of possible candidates

Quite often the hiring manager will be bombarded with dozens of applications as these positions are often high in demand. Studying through an accredited college or institution means that often, students will have a college placement service where the resort directly contacts them for possible candidates, or you can simply ask for a referral from your institution. This will act as evidence to the future employer about your skills and abilities.

Industry Level Salaries  

While salary isn’t really a factor that the holiday resort would look at when hiring suitable candidates, it is something that you might want to consider. Salaries also depend on the job requirements, the level of responsibility, and the location of the hotel,

Completing a hospitality course can result in securing a higher salary at the entry level. This generally also depends on other deciding factors such as the position and the size of the hotel or resort one is working in. Other things being equal, the difference in pay between degree holders and non-degree holders can be significant.

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