Exploring New Horizons: Our NCP Journey in Singapore
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Exploring New Horizons: Our NCP Journey in Singapore

Exploring New Horizons: Our NCP Journey in Singapore

Singapore, a sunny, tropical island in Southeast Asia, and home to many tourism venues and luxury hotels, was the latest destination for our group of students as part of the New Colombo Plan (NCP) initiative. This opportunity offers our students the chance to immerse themselves in the heart of hospitality and culture of this vibrant city. 

So, what is New Colombo Plan (NCP)? 

New Colombo Plan is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the region. It is a great opportunity, especially for THS students, to gain international exposure while completing their Business degree, exploring a new region from a completely different perspective, and gaining on-the-ground experience. 

Capturing the essence of Singapore 

One cannot truly understand a place without experiencing its’ culture, so the journey commenced with a tour around iconic destinations of Singapore including the Merlion, Marina Bay, and the Esplanade, followed by an adventure through the lush greenery of the Botanic Garden, to the bustling streets of Lau Pa Sat, Chinatown, Little India, and more. To better understand the culture, we took the students to a Mandarin and Malay class, and a tea class where they learned all about the different varieties of tea. They enjoyed the diverse traditions that are at the heart of the hospitality and tourism industry. 

Exclusive Hotel Tours 

One of the highlights of our NCP tour was the exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of luxury hotels that are well-known for their excellence, including: 

  • The Park Royal Collection 
  • Pullman 
  • Marriott 
  • Grand Hyatt  
  • InterContinental 
  • Capella 
  • Raffles 
  • …and many more.  

These tours provided invaluable insights into the operations of luxury hotels in Southeast Asia, showcasing the delivery of top-tier services and experiences to the guests. Students also actively engaged with industry professionals by discussing hotel operations, sustainability practices, staying ahead of the curve, and career progression tips. During their site visit, they learned how hotels like the Park Royal Collection utilises the ingredients grown in their garden to showcase sustainability, and Pullman on the other hand, integrated technology platform, HubOS to enhance communication between departments.  

In addition to the hotel tours, the students explored the Event Spaces and event coordination at SHATEC, learned about microbrewing at LeVel33, and met a THS alumni, who shared their career journey and how they have applied the skills acquired at THS into real-world situations. The students enjoyed engaging with the alumni and gained valuable insights into their remarkable journey.  

Global Network 

The NCP tour was not just about learning and exploring culture and hospitality grounds; it was an opportunity to foster global connections. THS students had the opportunity to visit Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), where they engaged with students studying a similar course. This was an opportunity for them to delve into topics like entrepreneurship, sustainability, and innovation. They also participated a team-bonding activity with the SIT students; thus, broadening their network which will then assist them in their future careers or when they wish to do their internship in Singapore. These international links are invaluable in a field that thrives on global connections and collaborations.  

Broadening Horizons 

The experiences gained from the NCP tour have a profound impact on our students. They bring home not only memories of the trip with their classmates, but also knowledge and inspiration that will enhance their further studies at THS and their future careers. They will now be equipped to excel in the industry, armed with a better understanding of the international industry and the differences they hold compared to the hospitality industry in Australia.  

The Hotel School is proud to offer these transformative experiences to our students, fostering the next generation of hospitality and hotel industry leaders.

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