When do I need to pay for my fees?

Student Fees are due based on the link below:
All outstanding fees are to be finalised by the Census Date, which is on Monday of Week 4 of each session.


What is a term?

A term refers to a period of study. There are 6 terms each year at The Hotel School.

Please check Southern Cross University 2024 Term Dates.


Do I need to study all terms?

If you are a domestic student you may choose how many subjects to study in each term. If you decide to study on a part-time basis or have a break during Session 3, the duration of the course may be extended.

If you are an international student studying a postgraduate course it is compulsory that you study during all three sessions equivalent to eight units per year.

If you are an international student studying an undergraduate course, it is compulsory that you study eight units per year. We strongly recommend that you study in all three sessions as this is a more manageable study load for international students.


When can I see my timetable?

We post the timetable a few weeks before the term starts after finalizing all classes.


Do I have to apply for FEE-HELP every term?

No, you are only required to apply once.


What’s a typical day like, do I need to be on campus everyday?

Classes run for 3 hours, 1 hour of lecture and 2 hours of tutorials. You are likely to have 1 class or 2 per day which means that depending on your study load you may be on campus 4 days per week at most.


Can I study part-time?

You can choose to study a part-time load as a domestic (local) student. International students are required to maintain a full-time study load in respect to student visa conditions.


What are assignments like?

We give students the best chance by varying the assessment tasks. We all have strengths and weaknesses! Common assignments include essay writing, quizzes, presentations and exams. At the start of each session, you will have access to a Unit Information Guide (UIG) which will give you an outline what is expected from you, assessment tasks and a list of topics assigned per week.


Can I work while I’m studying?

Absolutely! We understand that you need to work while studying. We suggest that you are mindful of how many hours you are working and whether or not your work is impacting on your academic performance. International students, as per visa conditions can only work 40 hours per fortnight when the course is in session.


Who are The Hotel School’s English partners?

Please check our English partners list on https://hotelschool.scu.edu.au/international-students/english-pathways/