How learning each role gave Mitchell the chance to manage 5-star luxury
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How learning each role gave Mitchell the chance to manage 5-star luxury

How learning each role gave Mitchell the chance to manage 5-star luxury

Mitchell Hacene is behind opening the first Kimpton Margot in Sydney, Australia, where guests can enjoy a rooftop pool, on-demand yoga classes, speciality food and beverage options from a celebrity chef, and you can even bring your pet to stay with you!

The Hotel School graduate spends his days managing a team responsible for the strategy and conversion of all sales segments of the luxury hotel, which is set in a heritage-listed 1939 Sydney Water Board building.

Like many in the industry, Mitchell got his foot in the hotel door starting in reception and credits his success thanks to the location and legitimacy of the Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management degree.

“The Hotel School Sydney was the only course in its field that offered a full Bachelor’s degree. Having Southern Cross University behind it to back it academically and the campus being in the CBD was very attractive to me.”

“By the time I graduated, I’d already had three years of working and studying, so I could come out to that duty manager level when I graduated, which I think really set me up.”

Following his father’s footsteps working in tourism, Mitchell highlights the importance of diversifying your industry knowledge.

“I think the reason that I’ve been able to continue in my career is that I’ve understood all areas of the hotel. Often you just learn your job, but it inhibits you from really progressing because you don’t understand how the whole business works,” he said.

“The Hotel School set me up to be more confident, and ultimately, I’ve moved into more of a commercial role because of a lot of those critical thinking courses I learned.”

“In my role now, I’m thinking a lot about strategy, taking the right pieces of business with the right prices and the right relationships. I think all of that side has really set me up from the hotel school.”

Whether visitors are soaking up the sun on the rooftop pool or enjoying the Kingfish Sashimi with crispy nashi pear cooked by Luke Mangan, Mitchell says the social side is what he loves the most.

“I love the environment, energy, interacting with guests and clients, particularly the five-star luxury level because you really get to talk more to the experiences and memorable aspects.”

“The industry is very social and filled with like-minded people who are there to connect and create memorable experiences.”

The Business Development Director is no stranger to travelling himself. The Hotel School allowed Mitchell to transfer to the Melbourne Campus for six months, and then he even did an exchange semester at Hochschule Munich in Germany.

“That was my favourite experience with The Hotel School. I really used all the opportunities in front of me,” he said.

Mitchell’s travel ambition doesn’t stop now that he’s secured a dream role at Kimpton, as he hopes to move and work overseas.

“I would love to work overseas and continue to progress in the commercial management across a portfolio of hotels.”

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