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5 Great Hospitality Jobs for people who love to travel

The Hotel School
5 Great Hospitality Jobs for people who love to travel

Do you love to travel? Even better, do you love to get paid to travel? Here are some of the best jobs to combine your love for travel while building your career portfolio.

Event Co-ordinator


Festivals, fashion shows, galas and large scale events are traditionally held in large cities that draw attendees to a popular destination. As the Event Co-ordinator you will oversee all the details that make an event a success. From inception to completion an Event Co-ordinator, liaises with VIP’s, entertainers, suppliers and brands.

You will have exclusive behind-the-scenes access and unique opportunities that most people never get to experience.

Front Office Manager


The Front Office Manager of a hotel is tasked with ensuring that the first contact that guests have with the hotel and its staff is of the highest quality. This is where the first impressions are made. If you are a clear communicator, multitasker and can perform under pressure – you will be in high demand.

Huge opportunity for career advancement, work environment is never boring!

Hotel Sales Manager


Hotel sales managers are responsible for attracting guests, developing business, marketing and implementing strategic plans that drive sales revenue for their hotel group. Most Hotel Sales Managers have a degree in hotel management.

The hotel industry is dynamic and you will be working with staff and guests from all over the world.

Guest Services Manager


Every resort, eco-lodge, hotel, casino and cruise liner requires a Guest Services Manager. If you love people and are looking to thrive in the “experience economy” this is a great career starting point.

Well-known launching pad for many senior hotel executives.

Human Resources Manager at a Hotel


The HR Manager of a hotel is responsible for hiring, training and maintaining hotel employees over a variety of roles and responsibilities. HR Manager roles are available in most large hotels and holiday destinations offering a wonderful working environment while offering more traditional business hours than is usually found in hospitality.

The opportunity to work in amazing locations such as ski resorts, cruise liners, and hotel groups with the added bonus of working regular business hours as opposed to shift work of hospitality staff.

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