Enrolment sessions are conducted during Orientation Week and it is important that you attend your enrolment session so that there is no delay with your commencement of studies. Go to Enrolling at SCU to find out how to enrol and register into classes.

Be aware of the rules about withdrawing, adding or varying your enrolment

If you wish to withdraw, add or change a unit, you must do so via My Enrolment. You have until the end of Week 2 of the study session to vary your enrolment. After Week 2, you will incur a financial penalty and require special approval from your head of school. Please read ALL the information on the International Fee Information page carefully to ensure you understand the academic and financial consequences if you change your enrolment after Week 2.

Note to Study Abroad/Exchange students: it is your responsibility to ensure your home university approves of all of the units you enrol in at SCU.

Maintain full-time enrolment

You must maintain a full-time enrolment load to ensure you complete your course within the duration specified on your CoE. International students can undertake distance or online study, providing it is no more than 25 percent of the total units undertaken in Australia, and is subject to approval by your school and SCU International. At least one unit must be taken internally in each compulsory study period.

Normal course duration cannot be extended unless an intervention strategy has been issued by the University and you have fully complied with the intervention, or if you have compassionate or compelling circumstances, e.g. illness. Supporting documentation will be required (intervention strategy, approved leave of absence and/or medical documentation).

Please contact the International Student Advisor immediately if you feel you are unable to complete your course by the end CoE date.

Pay your tuition fees

If you are a continuing student who pays your own fees, you will receive an invoice for each study period in MyFinances via My Enrolment. Your invoice will appear after you enrol in units and you are responsible for paying those fees by the due date on the invoice. Non-payment of tuition fees by the due date will result in Student Sanctions being placed on your academic record and there will be implications to your visa. Invoices for sponsored or scholarship students are sent directly to the sponsoring body. Enquiries about tuition fees may be addressed to SCU International.

Aim to complete your studies on time

International onshore students must complete their studies within the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) date. Time extensions require a new CoE and are only permitted in compassionate or compelling circumstances or for students who have complied with an intervention strategy. International onshore students must enrol in a full time load (8 units per year) as indicated in their study plan.

For further information please visit: Course Progression and Completion Policy

Monitoring course progress

You are required to maintain a satisfactory academic progression in the course as part of your Student Visa conditions. SCU International monitors the course progress of each international student. Students identified as not making satisfactory course progress or at risk of not completing their course within the expected duration of their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) must be notified, and if required, placed on an intervention strategy.

Refer to the Course Progress and Completion Within Expected Duration of Study Policy and Procedure for information on assessment, progression intervention strategies and exclusion.

Student query of grade

You have the right to query any assessment result, a final grade, or even appeal against a final grade. Please refer to student administration for further information or contact an international student adviser for assistance. Please note, there is a very limited time to query or appeal grades so questions need to be followed up with the lecturer immediately.

Special consideration

The student assessment and examination rules may allow you to be granted a special examination or special consideration in appropriate circumstances. You may also apply for special consideration to vary the deadline for an assessment task, other than an examination. See Special Consideration Policy.

An application form for special consideration is available from SCU International or from the school or college.


Whilst we are not immigration agents, we are obliged to report potential breaches. Please consider each of the following key points to maintaining your visa.

Ensure your current address details are up to date on MySCU at all times

You must ensure your current residential address is updated on MySCU. This is a mandatory government requirement throughout your studies. You cannot use the SCU International address as your "preferred mailing address" on MySCU. You must use your current residential address in Australia for that purpose. Your address must be updated within seven days of arriving in Australia by completing the contact details in MyEnrolment. If you move, SCU must be notified of the new address.

Attend orientation week

You must attend orientation week as there are compulsory sessions for International Students. If you are unable to attend, please contact your International Student Advisor.

Maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the length of your visa

When an offer of admission is accepted, it will usually include OSHC, for the duration of the Student Visa. A membership card is provided as proof of the health cover. Most students have medical cover until the end of their Student Visa. If this is not done, their visa may be cancelled and if a student has an accident or illness, they and their family will be liable to cover the medical bill. Medical expenses can be very high in Australia.

Abide by work limitations

You are able to work once you have commenced study (this does not include orientation week). A student can work up to 40 hours a fortnight during session time (calculated Monday to Sunday) and unlimited hours during holiday time.

Maintaining a satisfactory academic progress

You must maintain a full-time enrolment load and satisfactory academic progress.

Remain at SCU for at least six months in your principal course

If you have come to study English or a foundation course as a package, you must complete this course and then study at SCU for six months. If you need to change to another university before this due to exceptional circumstances, you will need to see an International Student Adviser and request a release letter. You will also need to organise an appointment with Department of Home Affairs and provide them with details; such as the new offer of study and confirmation of enrolment and obtain permission from Department of Home Affairs before transfer. If you fail to inform SCU of a transfer to another education provider, you may be reported for non-attendance and your visa may be cancelled.

Respond promptly to all SCU communication

Make sure you respond promptly to any requests made to you by SCU through your SCU email account.

Complaints framework

The university has a commitment to seeking feedback from students, and acknowledges the right of students, to complain if they are dissatisfied. The University has established a complaints framework to provide for the timely and fair resolution of complaints. The overview of complaints framework will help you to decide how to proceed with your complaint or concern.

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