Where Can a Master of Tourism Take Your Career in the Next 5 Years?
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Where Can a Master of Tourism Take Your Career in the Next 5 Years?

Where Can a Master of Tourism Take Your Career in the Next 5 Years?

Tourism is one of the most dynamic and exciting career paths which has seen immense growth in recent years. It continues to generate high levels of employment and is predicted that the trend is likely to continue.

Given the situation, students interested in tourism or who are desirous of a rewarding and successful career will consider perusing a Master’s degree in tourism to improve their career prospects.

Broad Range of Career Options

To pursue a Master degree in tourism, one has to be very clear about the entire course and most importantly commit to a tourism career. Some students are given the impression that working in the tourism field is like a never-ending vacation. However, this is just a myth and the truth is that this industry is just as competitive as others and you need to have a professional approach to thrive.

The fast-changing, dynamic and competitive field of tourism requires an employee to be highly trained and adopt ethical work practices. Further, to work in senior positions once require a high-level education, and a Master of Tourism is the answer.

Some of the job openings in the tourism field are: 

Travel attendant: Airline and luxury cruise services are two of the largest employers of hospitality graduates. With a master’s degree in tourism, you can pursue a rewarding career in these two industries. Whether working in the air or at sea, you will require formal education can help improve career prospects.

A master’s degree in tourism will help you secure prestigious jobs like that of a cruise manager.

Entertainment Manager: The tourism industry is all about the tourists, aka, guests. A guest has to be pleased and that needs professionalism. Having proper education in handling tourists will enable you to secure positions like adventure tour guides, casino dealer, manager of an amusement park, or show manager.

Event Planner: Event management or event planning is becoming popular as a career option for graduates and postgraduates in tourism. A thorough education in the field enables one to perform the role of event planner with flair.

A master’s degree in tourism will give you considerable leverage when seeking a well-paid and successful position in the event planning field. Positions like a wedding coordinator, conference manager, festival organiser, or party planner are just a few positions to choose from.

Holiday counsellor: A master’s degree in tourism will increase your chances of securing a lucrative job as holiday counsellor. This field involves providing guidance to clients about the best travel destinations and related ones.

Hospitality jobs require close interaction with clients and an understanding of their requirements and preferences. Having thorough and professional training through a Master of Tourism degree can help in securing an excellent role in this field.

Though it is a myth that working in the tourism industry is like having a never-ending vacation; the industry is extremely lucrative and attractive. However, higher education is a key requirement for attaining a management position in the organisations of your choice.

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