Moving from A Serene Island Campus to A Bustling City Campus
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Moving from A Serene Island Campus to A Bustling City Campus

Moving from A Serene Island Campus to A Bustling City Campus

At The Hotel School, students have the opportunity to experience studying on an island resort in the Whitsundays or in one of Australia’s 3 largest cities – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  

Students can choose where they want to study and can transfer between campuses as desired. If they choose to study at our Hayman Island campus, they will get to opportunity to study, live, and work at the InterContinental Hayman Island Resort – a place that is perfect for them to focus on their studies and gain experience while working for a five-star resort. 

Meet Gideon, our ambitious student who began his study at our Hayman Island campus, and recently transitioned to our Sydney campus earlier this year. He currently works as a Guest Service Agent at the newly opened Capella Sydney.  

Why did you choose to study at THS? 

“I chose to study at THS because I knew that the course would propel my learning and broaden my knowledge across a wide range of sectors including tourism, aviation, food and beverage, event management, and hotels.” 

Moving to Australia from Ghana, he fondly recalls his time at Hayman Island campus as an unforgettable experience. Not only did he relish the access to various island adventures while studying, but he also seized the opportunity for a paid cross-training internship across Rooms Division at the InterContinental Hayman Island Resort. 


Why did you transition to a city campus and how did the experience differ? 

“I wanted to experience the best of both worlds. I completed my Associate Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management on Hayman campus but I wanted to further my studies in a new environment, so I decided to move to Sydney campus to enrol in the Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management.  

Hayman campus life was like a close-knit community, almost like a second family as everyone knew each other and would hang out a lot after class. On the other hand, studying at the city campus is a whole different environment and it taught me to be more independent. The campuses have their own benefits. It was a smooth transition as the city campus was just as welcoming and supportive as Hayman campus.” 


How has studying at The Hotel School prepared you for your career? 

“THS helped me quickly grow my network through its connections with various industry partners and gave me a solid fundamental understanding of the hospitality industry. Moreover, everyone at THS was very supportive, making it an incredible place to begin your dream career.” 

Learn more about how you can specialise in your degree and achieve your professional goals at The Hotel School Australia. 

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