First Term, First Job
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First Term, First Job

First Term, First Job

Although Neena Lees is only in her first 6 months with The Hotel School she has a wealth of experience under her belt. She can see now just how valuable her casual jobs in fast-paced environments were during high school.

Roles in the entertainment and children’s party industry gave Neena experience working under pressure, setting up for parties, customer service, events management as well as upselling and sales. Including this information in her application- her experience helped her secure a ‘Domestic Scholarship’ through The Hotel School Sydney’s Scholarship Program for 2019.

Neena like many hoteliers and hospitality professionals likes working with people. It’s no surprise that Neena volunteered early on with our student body to assist at Career Expos and her very first event turned out to be truly life-changing.

She met Carol Nazha, one of The Hotel School alumni currently working for Meriton Suites and one of our best networkers. Carol is also a Talent Acquisition Manager and immediately saw a kindred spirit in Neena. Just two weeks later Neena had an offer of employment with Meriton Suites. She has just started as Guests Services Agent and this role will see her training at a variety of properties in the Sydney CBD.

Neena is thrilled to have landed this role which feels like a mini internship and will start learning the ropes of the hotel industry from the inside while she’s in her second semester of a Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management.

Carol was not the only one to see what Neena has to offer and we look forward to seeing where her career takes her.

Neena Lees
Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management
First year student


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