The Hotel School

2018/2019 Professional Hospitality Experience (PHE) Internship

The Hotel School
2018/2019 Professional Hospitality Experience (PHE) Internship

The WIL team is excited to commence the 2018/2019 Professional Hospitality Experience (PHE) Internship period!

If you’re new to the Internship, here’s an overview…

  • Students can gain experience within any area of tourism and hospitality, in Australia or overseas
  • Through Introduction to Professional Practice study unit, students were well prepared to apply for the many opportunities WIL promotes, or to approach targeted organisations
  • During Internship, students are required to satisfactorily complete 6 months continuous experience with their host organisation, and during this time accrue 600 hours experience, as well as all corresponding university assessments
  • Students are allocated a tutor who will monitor their progress, provide lots of support and encouragement, grade assessments and offer an empathetic ear when needed!

How the WIL team can help you:

  • Provide information on student numbers / locations / roles
  • ‘Words’ on the program for campus/agent newsletters etc
  • Fact sheets on the program from which you can extract information to suit your needs

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to approach us!

Please click here to download the list of host organisations/roles if you would like to see where the students are.