How the Right Tourism Course Can Prepare You for a Career in International Tourism
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How the Right Tourism Course Can Prepare You for a Career in International Tourism

How the Right Tourism Course Can Prepare You for a Career in International Tourism

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries, with over 260 million jobs worldwide, employing people either directly or indirectly. The scope of the tourism management industry is growing concurrently with the world’s growing economy.


Broad Scope of the Tourism Industry

Tourism in its broadest sense consists of three zones- the exit zone, the transit zone and the landing zone. It involves any industry which is either directly or indirectly in these three zones. The exact definition is “All the firms, organizations as well as facilities intended to serve the specific needs of tourists”.

Anyone involved in any of the sectors would be covered by the tourism industry: marketing, airlines, hotels, tourist sites, and any similar affiliated industry. Tourism is therefore not just one industry but a collection of all the above mentioned and more industries.

Taking into consideration the huge scope available in this industry anyone who wishes to embark on a carrier in tourism needs to undergo specialized training and education.


The Hotel School Advantage

The Hotel School was founded in 1989 by Wolfgang Grimm and offers the following tourism-related courses

1. Bachelor of Business in Hotel-Management

2. Master of International Tourism & Hotel Management

3. Graduate Certificate in International -Tourism & Hotel Management

4. Graduate Diploma in International-Tourism & Hotel Management

A Master of Tourism degree is not only about tourism. It is a complete all-round development of a Master of Tourism in all fields of management, marketing and hospitality. You learn business management with a special focus on the hospitality sector. The same skill set can also be applied to any other industry.

In the syllabus, there is also hospitality management which teaches the complete management of a hotel. The course prepares you to be able to manage any department in the hotel.

Once you have completed your tourism course and earned your degree you could always apply for any of the following managerial positions in events, general administration of a hotel, marketing, human resource or customer relations.

The tourism industry, on the whole, generated a whopping $ 55 .3 billion in 2017 and is expected to touch $140 billion by 2020. The number of people employed in the tourism sector in Australia is 598,000 and this will rise exponentially as the industry expands rapidly. This means the sky is the limit for graduates armed with a Master of Tourism degree.

The Hotel School arranges for its students to take internships at highly recognized tourism or hospitality businesses where you would gain hands-on knowledge and experience, which would prepare you for your real career in the tourism industry. This internship helps you to put into practice practically what you have learnt in theory in the classroom. The internships could be in Australia or even internationally. An internship helps you to establish and grow your network in the very industry you would be joining once you complete your education.

In 29 years of its existence, the Hotel School has built up solid connections in the industry which would enable you as a degree holder of Master of Tourism to gain a foothold in the very lucrative tourism industry. The association with Mulpha Australia Group would open doors to some of Australia’s finest names in the hospitality industry.

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