Start a Career in Tourism
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Start a Career in Tourism

Start a Career in Tourism

Tourism is a dynamic and exciting industry with endless possibilities for professional development and growth. A career in tourism offers a variety of job opportunities with the potential for travel and joining a global professional network. 

Industry growth and job opportunities 

The tourism industry is experiencing rapid growth post-COVID restrictions with a high demand for skilled and educated employees. This means that there will be plenty of opportunities for those seeking a new career in tourism. 100% of The Hotel School graduates from 2021 who wanted to work had employment within 6 months of graduation. Our Professional Learning Centre is dedicated to not only ensuring our students gain employment, but that they find the role they want.  

Variety of professional experiences 

There are a wide variety of roles within the tourism industry. Learning fundamental business and management principles ensures professionals have the transferable skills to move into different organisations within the industry including aviation, cruise, hotel management and many more. 

Work and Travel 

Tourism is a global industry, and there are many opportunities to work interstate and internationally experiencing different cultures, languages and communities. Many jobs in tourism also include travel benefits, allowing employees unique opportunities and discounts to explore the world.  


Finding a profession that suits your personal lifestyle now and, in the future can be challenging. Many roles in tourism offer the opportunity to work full-time, part-time or seasonally, providing flexibility to fit within your everyday life. 

Personal fulfilment 

Working within customer service can be very rewarding in helping others make their travel experiences memorable. Tourism is also an integral part of many local economies and contributes to the development and preservation of destinations, providing a sense of purpose and a greater social impact. 

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