Supporting students is of the utmost importance at The Hotel School. Not only do we want you to achieve academically and start a dream career in a hotel, but we want you to enjoy your experience every day. Study can be difficult to manage, especially if living away from home and working at the same time. We are here to support you.

The following services are available

  • Academic skills support
  • Counselling service
  • Careers coaching service
  • WIL Connect
  • Equity and disability support
  • Student equity


Academic skills support

The Hotel School offers a diverse array of academic support services to help students develop the academic skills necessary to successfully progress through their course. Students can benefit from the online resources of Southern Cross University including Quick Guides, full access to library resources (both electronic and print) and the You Tutor service (where students can receive feedback on individual assessments). In addition, dedicated academic support staff are on campus and provide group sessions on important study aspects such as referencing, exam preparation, understanding elements of the assessment and how to manage presentations. Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs to students and additional sessions relating to particular assessments within units also run when required. The Hotel School Academic Support team can also offer one on one advice to students when the need arises.  Our academic support team have studied and taught in tourism and are specialists in delivering targeted academic skills in the right context. In addition, our industry expert team of lecturing staff are there with subject specific support to give our students their best chance at industry relevant knowledge and understanding.

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Counselling service

  • Short-term counselling for personal or interpersonal issues
  • Ongoing counselling and support for students presenting with high levels of stress and more complex personal problems
  • Assistance for times when you may be concerned about a student in crisis
  • Group programs, including Health and Wellbeing for Academic Success and Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation
  • Self-help and information leaflets
  • Referral to local counselling services long-term or specialised help is needed

The professional counsellors are located on campus at The Hotel School in both Sydney and Melbourne, offering assistance to all students. Services are free and confidential, and the counsellors are friendly and caring.

Counselling can help students to increase their enjoyment of study and university life by reducing the effects of stress and anxiety caused by study pressures, personal or family problems. Counselling is a positive experience that can help you feel more in charge of your life. It can assist with decision-making, help to introduce new perspectives and skills, clarify goals, and increase understanding of your emotional world. Sometimes we can all benefit from a helping hand to work through life's challenges.

The Hotel School counsellors offer a range of support to students via email, telephone, Skype, as well as face to face counselling consultations by appointment. Same-day appointments without notice can also be given wherever possible.

Make an appointment in Sydney


Telephone: 02 8249 3227

Make an appointment in Melbourne


Telephone: 03 9601 3400

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Out-of-hours assistance

  • Lifeline (24-hours-a-day), call 13 11 14
  • Southern Cross University out-of-hours crisis line, call 1300 782 6


Careers Coaching Information

Every student of The Hotel School works in consultation with the Careers Coach to develop their own individually tailored career coaching program that is aligned to their career goals, aspirations, talents and studies.

All students have access to a range of career coaching programs including:

  • Get that Interview: Career Coaching Program
  • I’m an International Student: Career Coaching Program
  • Career Goal Setting: Career Coaching Program
  • LinkedIn & Networking: Career Coaching Program
  • Look the Part, Be the Part: Career Coaching Program
  • Career Planning: Career Coaching Program
  • Individual: Career Coaching Program
  • Mentor: Career Coaching Program (aligned to the Bright Future Mentoring program & including some SCU designed activities)

Students have the option of participating in these programs either within groups or individually and receive incentive points and certificates that can be included in their resume.

Students also have access to as needed career coaching including resume support, interview coaching, career goal setting, career planning and assistance in overcoming career obstacles. And, the Careers Coach regularly participates in lectures to bring career coaching to the classroom.

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WIL Connect

‘WIL connect’ are dedicated windows of time throughout the study sessions, where students can talk to the Work Integrated Learning team about the WIL academic units of study or WIL professional development activities.


Equity and disability support

The Hotel School counsellor offers a range of support to students with disabilities and/or medical conditions which may impact on their ability to succeed at university, and who may be eligible for academic adjustments. The Hotel School counsellor liaises with staff at the Southern Cross University Equity and Disability Support Service, as well as academic staff to ensure that students receive the assistance they require. Please see The Hotel School counsellor as early as possible at the beginning of each session to ensure you receive the assistance you need.

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Student equity

The Hotel School counsellors offer a range of support to students who are concerned about access to mediation processes which are intended to settle issues of discrimination, or grievances regarding academic or administrative decisions.

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