Top 5 Tips for Selecting an Institute to Study Hospitality Management
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Top 5 Tips for Selecting an Institute to Study Hospitality Management

Top 5 Tips for Selecting an Institute to Study Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is not only a great place for young professionals to discover their worth but also full of career opportunities. However, with numerous hospitality management institutes in Australia, selecting than institute which offers a course that’s right for you.

Here are the 5 top tips to consider when selecting a Hospitality Management Institute:

  1. Accreditation

Every hospitality school must be accredited and certified by an external body. Although there are many accreditations bodies, only a few of them are recognised by the government. While accreditation details are usually indicated on the institute’s website, it’s important to know the body which gave the certification. Your primary aim should be to join an institute like the Hotel School which has the required accreditation.

  1. Course Fees

This is another important factor to consider when it comes to selecting a good hospitality management institute. Although there are many institutes all over Australia, some of them charge exorbitant fees.

Apart from tuition you also need to consider food, housing, transportation and other incidental costs.

  1. Quality of education

Although accreditation gives you some reassurance about the educational standard of the institute, you also need to review other aspects such as the quality of teaching staff; not just their in-depth subject knowledge, but also their ability to present content in an informative and interesting manner to students.

Aside from the expertise of the tutors, the student environment is another important factor which impacts the quality of education. Remember, as a student you can only grow in a healthy environment with good cultural diversity.

  1. Location of the school

Location is another important factor when selecting an institute to study hospitality management. A centrally located institute such as the Hotel School, connected by train and public transport are easy to get to, saving students countless hours in travelling to and from the school.

  1. Placements

Apart from the above factors, placements are also very important. This is because at the end of your training you will want to walk out with a job. You, therefore, need to choose an institution which has an impressive record. Leading hotels seek out candidates who graduate from reputed hospitality management institutes, and it is important to ask the institute which hotels or other companies have recruited their graduating students.

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