Surprising reasons Hoteliers have the most satisfying careers
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Surprising reasons Hoteliers have the most satisfying careers

Surprising reasons Hoteliers have the most satisfying careers

Australia and Asia-Pacific region have had massive growth in the travel and tourism industry combined with a workforce focused on work/life balance has fundamentally changed the working environment for hoteliers. Hotel Groups are focusing like never before on career satisfaction, professional development and work/life balance to retain top quality employees

What makes a job satisfying?

Beyond an income of $75,000, people felt no discernible increase in daily happiness. So if increased salary doesn’t increase happiness at work – then what does?

Daniel Kahnemanstudied the effects of income on happiness.

A summary of multiple recent studies agree that the following five issues define the characteristics of a satisfying career.


Work that is engaging


Engaging work can be defined as work that is a match of your skills, competency and creativity and where your focus is easily kept.

Work that benefits other people


Harvard Business Review recently published a study of workers over five generations and found that the emerging generation of workers, Millennials and Gen Y, value a “meaningful job is a job of service…if you can do something that you know in one way or another directly benefits somebody else, it can be very rewarding”

Flexibility & variety


A dynamic work environment which allows movement between various departments and duties increases satisfaction and sense of achievement. The idea of sitting in front of a PC day after day is anathema to the emerging generation of workers who embrace the benefits of a portfolio career.

Potential for professional development


Hotels focusing on the professional development of employees and proactively developing a career path for their future are experiencing the lowest staff turnover and increased staff satisfaction.

Meaningful Collaboration


Who you work with can be equally important as who you work for and co-workers have the potential to create the greatest impact on job satisfaction. Team environments which value positive collaboration, social connection and engaged feedback are more likely to retain their staff by up to 50%

“One of my biggest beliefs is that careers now are more like a spider web than a ‘ladder’. They’re an ongoing journey, and more now than ever we are seeing talent, especially Gen Y and Millennial focused on how their careers fit in overall to the life they want to live. It’s more like they choose a career that fits in with their life rather than creating a life around their job. It’s not just about the money but benefits, flexibility, how the job makes them feel and the impact they can have – I know all of those areas are incredibly important to me and that’s why I love hotels.”
Carly Green, Recruitment Manager for InterContinental Hayman Island Resort and Sanctuary Cove Resort

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