10 Hospitality Career Openings Made Possible By Completing a Tourism Degree
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10 Hospitality Career Openings Made Possible By Completing a Tourism Degree

10 Hospitality Career Openings Made Possible By Completing a Tourism Degree

If you are considering a career in the tourism industry The Hotel School’s Tourism Degree opens up several avenues of employment in this exciting industry.

Here are 10 Hospitality Career Openings you could consider:

  1. Travel Agent

Your role as a travel agent involves assisting clients with choosing the perfect holiday destination.

You will need to keep into account the client’s budget, preferences, and provide information on documents, visas and other requirements.

  1. Event Organiser

You can specialise in weddings, company events, or choose to plan any type of celebration or party. You can work as an event organiser for a specialised company, or at hotels, restaurants, and bars.

  1. Restaurant Manager

In this role, you will need to manage all areas relating to a restaurant and coordinate with staff, suppliers and other related interest groups.

Your primary task is to ensure the restaurant runs smoothly and any difficult situations are dealt with promptly.

You will also need to make sure the safety regulations are strictly followed.

  1. Hotel Manager

A tourism degree makes you qualified for the role of a hotel manager. While you will manage the hotel staff, an important part of your job will be to maintain cordial customer relations.

  1. Receptionist

This role is a great place to start in the hospitality industry once you have a tourism degree. You will have the chance to gain experience and find out more about other career opportunities in the hospitality industry.

  1. Concierge

In this role, you will interact directly with customers and provide the services they might need and answer their queries.

You are likely to require some customer service experience to qualify for this job.

  1. Ticketing Agent

You can work as an airline’s ticketing agent. Your job function will include activities such as making or changing reservations, assigning seats, and answering various inquiries.

  1. Tour Manager

A tour manager organises and accompanies groups of tourists to various destinations. You will need knowledge of that particular area or tourism attraction.

  1. Travel Agency Manager

As a travel agency manager, you will need to promote and sell holidays and other travel-related product. You will be in charge of the agency’s daily operation and staff

  1. Tourism Information Manager

The tasks include managing the services that provide customers with information on what to see or do in a city, area, or country.

Tourism Information Manager Positions in the Government sector provide stable employment and the satisfaction of helping tourists from all over the world with the information they need to visit places which interest them the most.

These are a few of the career openings which open up when you complete a tourism degree. The hospitality industry is however so widespread that there are many more such opportunities available if you are adventurous and have an open mind and a positive attitude.

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